Chucho's Story

Meet Chucho, a whimsical character brought to life by Mr.Bbaby. Chucho's origins lie in the vibrant tradition of piñatas, those festive creations traditionally filled with seeds, embodying resilience, growth, and the beauty that blossoms from life's challenges.

Michelle's murals serve as Chucho's canvas, where he becomes a recurring figure, weaving through a tapestry of cultural imagery and vibrant colors. Each stroke of Michelle's brush tells a story, spreading messages of hope and unity, while beckoning viewers to reconnect with the innocence and wonder of their inner child

As Chucho dances across walls, from bustling city squares to quiet alleyways, he leaves behind more than just colorful images. He leaves behind a legacy of joy, resilience, and connection, bringing light and laughter to all who encounter his whimsical presence. And in the ever-changing landscape of the city, Chucho's story continues to unfold, a beacon of hope and resiliency for generations to come.

About Me

Michelle 'Mr B Baby' Ruby

A Latina born and raised in San Diego, California, Michelle Ruby aka Mr. B Baby, uses elements of her heritage as inspiration for her striking and lively art work. Mr. B Baby is heavily influenced by her community, as well as her Puerto Rican/Mexican upbringing...

Murals are essential to transforming communities through unforgettable artwork that resonates with its viewers. I specialize in painting original vibrant murals that transform each wall and community they adorn. From eye-catching outdoor displays to office murals that breathe life into your workspace, I've got you covered. With experience working with brands like Nike, Samsung, Pandora, and the LA Dodgers, I've Had the privilege to display my art on walls ranging from the Dodgers stadium to billboards in New York City to art galleries in Japan. If you are ready to elevate your brand with an original Mr.BBaby mural? Enjoy my portfolio for inspiration for your custom mural.